About us

Representing some of the highest quality collections of leading furniture brands at Oltre Interiors we work to deliver excellence.

We collaborate with retailers, interior designers and architects offering a unique selection of products that stand out for their innovation, design, quality and attention to detail.

Years of experience within the furniture sector have helped us become familiar with the complete process, from design, to production, to delivery and installation enabling us to support and advise you at every stage of the relationship between the manufacturers and the end consumer.

We are passionate about what we do and are proud to represent some of the most prestigious companies within the world furniture market such as Arrital, Altamarea, Novamobili, Battistella, Bontempi, Flexteam, Light Drops Design, GD, Vighi and Kedo.

Working closely with the companies we represent and without losing sight of the international markets we operate in we have been able to anticipate trends and predict the changes happening today and the way we live in our homes. This is why we value your opinions and suggestions and constantly aim to fulfill your expectations.

Design is our passion and we work hard to make all your projects unique and unforgettable.